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You want to become the most extraordinary version of yourself and leave a lasting legacy

But can we just acknowledge how hard it can feel sometimes to run a business?

Maybe you find yourself...

Bouncing from strategy to strategy

You keep copying what’s worked for other people, never quite landing on what works best for YOU. You want to break from the pack and showcase your personality, but what would people think??? MUST.STICK.TO.THE.FORMULA. 


Hustle all hours of he day.

You’re super-glued to your laptop and drowning in to-do-list quicksand. Your client boundaries are basically nonexistent, and your calendar leaves zero room for big-picture thinking. The burnout is real. 


Letting perfection hold you back.

Just when you start to think, “I’m ready to make my mark!” you pump the brakes and park in PROCRASTINATION mode. You tell yourself that if your ideas aren’t perfect, you’d better keep them tucked away.

You're missing the DEEP INNER WORK that leads to deep transformation

Because these limiting beliefs just won't take the hint to leave the party...

→ Imposter syndrome

One minute you feel ready to build an empire; the next, you’re ambushed with thoughts like, “Who am I to really do this?” and “Sure, I’m successful, but it’s all just been a fluke.”


→ Self-doubt and indecision

Somewhere along the line, you stopped trusting your gut – especially when it comes to pricing. You keep dropping your rates for clients who can’t afford you, and that never ends well!


→ Plain, old-fashioned FEAR

Name the fear, and you’ve felt it. Fear of Showing Up, Fear of Being Your True Self, Fear of Trying Something New … and the sneakiest of all … Fear of Success. (Because won’t more success just equal more hustle???)

Get ready to activate the MANIFESTOR & BOSS in you and …  

  • Release any energy around past financial decisions

  • Create or uplevel your irresistible, in-demand offers

  • Choose strategies based on your business stage, not on FOMO

  • Become completely comfortable with sales and attracting high-ticket clients

  • And more


”My biggest win was targeting my ideal client through manifesting and winning a $150,000 design project."

I've been chanting to the universe my clients are going to pay for my bills and it keeps on coming in (once I get out of my funk...)

Best investment I made and the investment has already paid for itself. Thank you, thank you!!

Tina Singh


”I went from enrolling 20 clients in 2 weeks with 7% conversion rate to 60 people in 5 days with 40% conversion rate.”

My biggest win was not to let my circumstances define what I could
or could not do. I realized that I will always be busy in some kind of
ways and that it doesn't impede my ability to achieve my goals, be
accomplished and successful.

As a result, my business is growing faster, I am happier and I
believe 100% that all my goals are possible and will come to completion.
Thank you!

Vicky Rolfe

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